Our Story

Mediterranean Roots

Mariona & Co began in the heart of the Mediterranean, where three generations of tradition, community and passion have formed a thriving family business. It started in a small coastal village where the salty sea breeze reveals stories of the town’s ancient history and the vivid colors of the Mediterranean landscape paint the backdrop to our family's adventure.

Mariona’s Beginnings

In the early 1950s, our grandmother, Mariona, opened a humble shop that offered authentic Mediterranean accessories and souvenirs. With a love for her culture, she welcomed travelers and locals alike, sharing stories of the artisans who created each piece.

The Second Generation

As the years passed, Mariona’s children, Kiku and Montse, inherited the family business and gave new light to the existing shop. They expanded her ideas by building new shops with more specialized pieces.

Our Generation

Now, as the third generation, we, Nicki & Josep, continue the legacy of Mariona and what she began to build with special determination to tell the stories intertwined into every item that passes through our hands.

We have evolved our shop into a jewelry store with Mediterranean spirit that has crossed the ocean to reach a new generation of travelers and wanderers. We remain loyal to our roots and stay committed to sourcing from local artisans, designers and small brands from the Mediterranean region to celebrate the rich history and culture it provides.