Jewelry Designed & Manufactured in Spain

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Based in Cordoba, Spain, Plata Pura has been designing &
developing innovative jewelry & accessories for more than 50 years.  Translating to Pura Silver in English, Plata
Pura mixes the highest quality materials with their surrounding culture to
bring you the essence of the Mediterranean.

The company fuses traditional manufacturing processes with
the most innovative designs to create original artwork that paves the way for
new trends.

The idea of Plata Pura is to capture the Mediterranean,
transforming it into something material that we can carry with us forever. The
jewels contain diverse feelings & sensations mimicking the sunset on a
white sand beach, the kiss of a loved one in the sun, walking along a
crystal-clear beach or a passionate night out. 
All designs are based on the light & warmth of that paradise on
earth to capture your memories of the Mediterranean lifestyle.